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Letter Services
Our Integrated Multiple Approaches Campaign

Our demand letters are aggressive yet courteous. They are forwarded according to a schedule intended for optimum effect.

Milliken & Craig's letter services are a part of an integrated campaign containing multiple approaches in our collection process. The letters will be accompanied instantly by our tele-collection and even field services. We take great care in the way our payment demand letters are worded. They are expected to communicate our firm resolve in collecting the due amounts. They are also applicable in cases where retaining your debtors’ goodwill is a priority to you in the event that you would like to maintain a business relationship with them.  

Telephone Services
The First Touch

The success of any third-party collection depends on the very initial contact with the debtors. Our first touch with your debtors will determine the extent of the amount that can be collected and is fundamental in ensuring that the debtors will not be evasive. Our Collection Officers are also capable of arranging for alternative measures for your cases. In our experience, some debts are collected by making countless demand calls to debtors.

Our customized telephone systems are equipped with logging functions to enable the managers and collectors to monitor calls made to debtors for training and reporting purposes.

Some of your debtors might be genuine while others may not. Within the minimum time that our Collection Officers have while they are talking with your debtors on the phone, they are capable of gathering relevant information that will help us in planning our collection strategy.

Skip Tracing Services

A large segment of our customers employ our services due to absconded debtors. Our skip tracing services are offered to locate these debtors. Not all defaulters would flee with intents to conceal their location or contact information. One primary function of our skip tracing mechanisms is to determine this. All we require are your debtors full and complete names (as well as aliases), last known mailing addresses and forms of identification.  Our tracing services will also help us gain access to information pertaining to your debtors’ assets. This information will be used to your advantage through our collection process.

Field Services 

Our formally-attired field services personnel are known for conducting themselves appropriately at your debtors business and residential premises.

They are also trained with an eye for detail while undertaking the site visits to evaluate your debtors' financial standing. However the primary purpose of our field services is to apply the additional pressure to your debtors and to communicate our resolve in collecting the amounts due. The site visits conducted are unannounced. These visits are strategically planned when managing cases involving resistant debtors. Our field services personnel are also experienced in vis-à-vis negotiation techniques to secure payments.

Miscellaneous Services

Upon our customers' requests, we have also undertaken external endeavors further to our core business functions.  These include:
1.   Collection training with our customers internal credit control staff
2.   Reconciliation work for takeover accounts
3.   First-party recovery

Specializations NO RESULT NO FEE

Categories of cases for placements
1.   Skip tracing
2.   Non-Performing Loans
3.   Repossession
4.   Disposal
5.   Write-Offs
6.   Loss After Sales 
7.   Internal Auditing
8.   Hire Purchase
9.   Judgments
10. First-Party Recovery
11. Disputed cases
12. Retention Fees    


Rates may vary from agency to agency. What is more important is, will the agency you may want to engage, realize your credit management's objectives. Selecting an agency that charges the lowest fees and yet practices restraint of their collection efforts might not produce the outcome your business would expect.

Milliken & Craig invests heavily on our technology and intelligence networks to maximize collection amounts of cases placed with us.

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When cases (are) entrusted to your agency, most of them are provided (with) feedbacks with high efficiency and professional risk management advice, which adds extra value to our clients. The diligent attempts and professional skills of your staff are indispensible to the recovery (process).

Vincent, Wang Shu
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation

MobileOne Ltd has appointed Milliken & Craig as one of their main debt recovery agent since 1999. M&C has given us excellent support in their debt collection efforts and has constantly displayed the highest level of professionalism in their services. M&C's response has always been prompt & efficient. In view of M&C's track record with M1, we will not hesitate to recommend their debt recovery services to any company that wish to appoint them as their debt collection agent.

Khoo Ai Lin,
MobileOne Limited
We wish to congratulate Milliken & Craig for a job well done! They were assigned two of our most difficult oversea debtors, and to our absolute surprise, both cases were solved with such lightning speed we could hardly imagine. Though they couldn't tell how they did it, we got every cent back, and that's all we care.

Tan Pin Ho, Peace River Marketing Services
We thank you and your collection team for being fast in responding to us whenever we enquire about status of our debtors. We also appreciate your quick assignment of alternate staff when the staff go on maternity leave or no longer handling the case.

Well done and thumbs up to your efficient team and may you all have a great year ahead :)

Jacqueline Chiang
Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd

Awarding  you the Certificate of Achievement in recognition of your outstanding achievements and contributions throughout the year.

Liew Pui Shin giving TOP COLLECTION AGENCY AWARD 2008, UOB Malaysia.

M&C has been one of our top agencies in debt collection services since year 2003.

We would like to express our appreciations to the M&C Team for their support and contributions.Well Done!

Ko Ser Ching
Diners Club (S) Pte Ltd

We would like to commend Milliken & Craig for their Good Debt Recovery service provided to our company since 1999.

M&C's approach is professional and flexible enough to cater to our requirements. Their customer service is commendable
and issues resolution is on timely basis.

We would recommend M&C as our preferred Debt Recovery Agency for their good performance and strong support.

Samantha Poh
MobileOne Ltd
We have worked with M&C for quite sometime and truly valued M&C as one of our partners in the area of debt collections. Your (M&C's) efforts are greatly appreciated especially in difficult country like Pakistan.

Ms Chin Hwee Siang
Coface Credit Management Services Pte Ltd