Global Debt Collection

We can conduct business all around the world  and ensure that companies receive their money on time. Milliken and Craig offers global debt collection services in 160 countries and can adapt to global cultures efficiently.

Our Service

We offer a very professional experience and can work in different countries with ease. We have five offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Additionally, we have a global partner network in 160 countries across the world. We can offer competent debt collection in all of these countries regardless of language, cultural or time-zone barriers. Services including payment monitoring, reminder services, and more are available.

  • Extensive international network of 160 countries.
  • A renowned brand in the global market.
  • Local presence and insights will speed up payments.

Business consultatant advising business people in the meeting


For businesses that have debtors in multiple countries, collecting these debts can be a time consuming process. By working with Milliken and Craig, you can save time, money and effort thanks to our vast global network. To add to this, you can enter new markets without risking your business.