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This depends on the types of cases that are placed with us. External factors affecting our success rate also include, whether your debtors are contactable and still in operation, the economic situation and the aging of the cases placed.

Our success rate can vary from a single digit to as high as ninety percent.

The advantage of engaging a 3rd party collection service is the application of permissible pressure on your debtors. Being unfamiliar with Milliken & Craig Group, debtors will know their creditors are taking serious actions and the excuses they have been using previously will not work on us. Coupled with consistent follow-ups, numerous accounts receivables issues are solved this way.
Our commission is only chargeable based on the collected amount and not the total amount placed. For amount recovered less than the placement amount, customers’ approvals must be required.
Headed by two managing partners with exceptional credentials, Milliken & Craig is more than a decade old and is made up of a line of dedicated and motivated staff. We are a global collection agency with affiliations in more than 140 countries. Our customers reaffirm our presence and growth in this industry. Commendations and referees can be provided upon request.
We will always request debtors to pay directly to our customers. In the rare event that payments are made directly to us, it will take no more than 7 working days to remit payments to our customers.
Customers will cease to be customers the moment they default in their payment. In our business, they are known as debtors. They may default in their payment for a variety of reasons. Many choose this course of action to improve their own cash inflows at your expense by slowing down their own Accounts Payable. Some debtors may even expect you to write-off these overdue accounts by being inaccessible.

Regardless of their reasons, most debtors will pay only to the creditors that exert the most pressure and follow ups