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1. What is your success rate so far?
This depends on the types of cases that are placed with us. External factors affecting our success rate also include, whether your debtors are contactable and still in operation, the economic situation and the aging of the cases placed.
Why is it that you can collect and we cannot?

The advantage of engaging a 3rd party collection service is the application of permissible pressure on your debtors. Coupled with consistent follow-ups, numerous AR issues are solved this way.

If the settlement amount is less that the debt amount that was assigned, how will you charge?
Our commissions are only chargeable based on the collected amount of the cases and not the total amount placed.
Every collection agency claimed to be respectable, how different are you?
Headed by three directors with exceptional credentials, Milliken & Craig is a decade old and is made up of a line of dedicated and motivated staff. We are a global collection agency with affiliations in about 100 countries. Our customers reaffirm our presence and growth in this industry. Commendations and referees can be provided upon request.
Please describe how payment by debtors will be returned to us.
We will always request debtors to pay directly to our customers. In the rare event that payments are made directly to us, it will take no more than 7 working days to remit payments to our customers.
Are you able to provide forecast on the amount of debt you are able to collect on a weekly basis? This is essential for the management of our cash flow and accounting.

Yes, but this is exclusive to our subscribers with a large number of claim placements.

7. Why do my customers default in their payment?

Customers will cease to be customers the moment they default in their payment. In our business, they are known as debtors. They may default in their payment for a variety of reasons. Many choose this course of action to improve their own cash inflows at your expense by slowing down their own Accounts Payable. Some debtors may even expect you to write-off these overdue accounts by being inaccessible.

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When cases (are) entrusted to your agency, most of them are provided (with) feedbacks with high efficiency and professional risk management advice, which adds extra value to our clients. The diligent attempts and professional skills of your staff are indispensible to the recovery (process).

Vincent, Wang Shu
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation

MobileOne Ltd has appointed Milliken & Craig as one of their main debt recovery agent since 1999. M&C has given us excellent support in their debt collection efforts and has constantly displayed the highest level of professionalism in their services. M&C's response has always been prompt & efficient. In view of M&C's track record with M1, we will not hesitate to recommend their debt recovery services to any company that wish to appoint them as their debt collection agent.

Khoo Ai Lin,
MobileOne Limited
We wish to congratulate Milliken & Craig for a job well done! They were assigned two of our most difficult oversea debtors, and to our absolute surprise, both cases were solved with such lightning speed we could hardly imagine. Though they couldn't tell how they did it, we got every cent back, and that's all we care.

Tan Pin Ho, Peace River Marketing Services
We thank you and your collection team for being fast in responding to us whenever we enquire about status of our debtors. We also appreciate your quick assignment of alternate staff when the staff go on maternity leave or no longer handling the case.

Well done and thumbs up to your efficient team and may you all have a great year ahead :)

Jacqueline Chiang
Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd

Awarding  you the Certificate of Achievement in recognition of your outstanding achievements and contributions throughout the year.

Liew Pui Shin giving TOP COLLECTION AGENCY AWARD 2008, UOB Malaysia.

M&C has been one of our top agencies in debt collection services since year 2003.

We would like to express our appreciations to the M&C Team for their support and contributions.Well Done!

Ko Ser Ching
Diners Club (S) Pte Ltd

We would like to commend Milliken & Craig for their Good Debt Recovery service provided to our company since 1999.

M&C's approach is professional and flexible enough to cater to our requirements. Their customer service is commendable
and issues resolution is on timely basis.

We would recommend M&C as our preferred Debt Recovery Agency for their good performance and strong support.

Samantha Poh
MobileOne Ltd
We have worked with M&C for quite sometime and truly valued M&C as one of our partners in the area of debt collections. Your (M&C's) efforts are greatly appreciated especially in difficult country like Pakistan.

Ms Chin Hwee Siang
Coface Credit Management Services Pte Ltd