Consumer Debt Collection

Milliken and Craig have 17 great years of experience in consumer debt collection across various industries. We have worked with renowned banks, financial institutions, telecommunication companies and utility companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Our Service

Milliken and Craig, have a consummate team that can take over the process of monitoring, contacting and negotiating with your debtors. Our team will collect the final payment without damaging your customer relationship. We are audited by our clients as we understand that cooperation is an important part of consumer debt collection.

  • Fair and ethical debtor treatment

  • High success ratio
  • Success based payment

Credit Collection Association Of Singapore


We treat debtors with utmost respect and ensure that the customer’s relationship with the company is not harmed. Our team can handle sensitive tasks with care and adapt to complicated situations when necessary. All calls are recorded and logged.

We strictly adhere to the MAS regulations (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and comply with the highest standards of the Privacy & Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Ensuring that data is protected and safe.